We work to empower women through their professional and social wellbeing, ensuring well-paid and high-quality employment. Our transparent supply chain guarantees no sub contracting - a major source of unsafe work especially for women. By purchasing from Tales of Thread you are contributing to sustainable job creation for women traditionally excluded from the formal sector.

We require our partners to go ‘beyond compliance’ to implement worker benefit and empowerment programs to promote self-confidence, communication and personal development training such as financial literacy, leadership training, improved healthcare and childcare. Ten percent of our factory's operational budget goes to the Cadling Foundation to house, train and employ marginalised, homeless and excluded women. 

Here are just some of our achievements:

  • 53 people trained at the Foundation (Sep - Dec 2016) and provided with stipends
  • 85% female workforce
  • Pay 40 per cent above market wage 
  • Focus on employing, training, housing homeless women
  • Provide pension schemes and savings accounts for workers
  • Leadership and management training programs
  • Participated in #FashRev Who Made My Clothes campaign

Case Study

Bintu is a young woman who was living as a homeless street hawker in Accra until she was taken on board by Cadling, our partner factory in Ghana. She received full training and support and is now one of the best machinists in the factory, working on international orders.

We are proud to be supporting the African Social Enterprise Fund (AESF), working to promote entrepreneurs in the creative industries.


The ASEF aims to promote, empower and enable outstanding individuals in the creative industries to translate their ideas into successful, socially and environmentally-minded businesses that create opportunity for all.

What are we raising money for? This campaign seeks to generate support for ASEF’s “Fashion, Textile and Manufacturing” and “Music” Awards. The ASEF will support Award Winners by providing tailor-made leadership and social impact training in Nigeria, the UK and Italy in 2017. Find out more visit ASEF 

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