Tales of Thread Meets A Continental Movement

Oct 30 2016 Tags: Designer / Maker, Out & About, Textiles

Earlier this month, our founder Rebecca took a little trip to Kenya and Uganda. She brought back good memories for her family and invigorating news of promising starts to share with you all. Gifts for the bed and soul!


Mara, enjoying being taken care of by the Maasai, as featured on our Insta page.

Among the beach trips was Rebecca’s visit to Fine Spinners Uganda Ltd (Kampala, Uganda). 

Fine Spinners is the first ‘field to fashion’ factory on the continent and aims to deliver cotton through a socially responsible supply-chain. 


“…for you to be competitive you need to be world-class and for you to be world-class you need to have a differentiated product.” Jasvinder Bedi, CEO, Fine Spinners.


The labour, raw cotton, spinning technology and final garment is all sourced and produced locally, in Uganda. This means three things.


One, the company is producing a socially responsible fabric, and championing this aspect of their product as their differentiator. 

Two, because it oversees the whole supply chain of the final product (your garment), it will be able to capture the benefits of investment into this particular brand of cotton. 

Three, this in turns makes the self-imposed socially responsible standard is locked-in as a priority, since it is the reason brands will go to Fine Spinners. 


It seems we can only hope for the best: this development goes hand in the hand with the recent positive turn-around in the South African textile industry, which in the 1990s had been severely undermined by its nascent and risingly profitable South Asian counterpart. Now, the South African textile industry is playing on the safe conditions offered to its workers and the transparent sharing of their experience (The Guardian, 2015). 


This is Africa on the rise, indeed!

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